Information Security Consultant (f/m/d)

Job description

In our department IT Strategy, Framework and Guideline Servies we are responsible for establishing and improving an Information Security System. You will work closely together with our Information Security Officer for the following topics:


  • Provides subject matter expertise and analysis for information security
  • Search technology and reduce risks in every information security segment
  • Research cybersecurity criteria, security systems, and validation procedures
  • Suggest and execute IT technologies, strategies and policies to protect company’s information assets
  • Prepare security program plans and establish IT controls, processes, audit tools, interfaces and utilities for authentication
  • Focused on the risks associated with information security in data centers, mobile and in the cloud
  • Update and upgrade security policies and processes as needed


  • Implement security risk analysis for current and new systems to find system weaknesses or disclosures
  • Recommend solutions for explaining risks and reducing exposure areas
  • Suggest measures to improve IT related procedures, operations, processes and systems throughout organization
  • Perform as point of contact for audits and security aspects
  • Consult and comply with set controls, standards, policies and procedures while carrying out IT activities
  • Bridge the gap between high-level security policies/requirements and technical/operational implementation of those requirements


  • Oversee and conduct tests for system vulnerabilities
  • Develop IT architecture deliverables specific to information security countermeasure implementations in a DevSecOps environment
  • Conduct assessments of existing IT architecture for compliance with security requirements from applicable security frameworks (such as TOM’s for GDPR, ISO 27001, etc.)
  • Revise and analyze IT operations and systems, networks, applications, hardware configurations, physical security and operating procedures across organization
  • Implement periodic & on-demand project audits
  • Support and provide consultancy and advice for audit compliance actions
  • Probe and provide security solutions referencing business standard analysis criteria
  • Deliver official reports that summarize test findings
  • Sec policies & guidelines are adhered to by all users within the organization


    • Bachelor or Master degree
    • Two or more years functioning in an operational IT role with exposure to diverse IT architectures, demonstrating progressive growth of skills and responsibility
    • Experience completing or managing to completion projects/tasks/deliverables with minimal supervisory oversight
    • Advanced communication skills: able to clearly articulate ideas for executive level consumption as well as technical staff consumption
    • Problem solving skills: able to use prior experience and knowledge to address new situations; especially during interactions with Stakeholders
    • Advanced analytical and presentation skills
    • Basic understanding of information security principles and risk assessment techniques