Senior System / DevOps Engineer (f/m/d)

Job description

As a Senior Systems/DevOps Engineer in the zooplus IT Platform team, you will be working in the heart of the IT to develop, maintain and improve our core platform services that we provide to our 30 DevOps Teams across 5 locations. Your Responsibilities include:

Develop and manage our main container runtime platform based on Kubernetes.

Improve our central Monitoring platform based on the elastic stack (formerly ELK), enabling our users to use logs and time-series for debugging and alerting.

Provide shared build services easening our product development teams to do CI / CD.

Drive automation to help our teams to improve their time-to-market.

Improve our platform availability and stability to ensure the company business can run without disruptions.

Provide solutions by making use of open-source tools or implementing your own

Support our DevOps teams in using our products and services in the most efficient way.

Ensure 24/7 availability of our platform services and practice incident response in our platform on-call duty once in a while.


  • At least 3 Years of Systems Engineering / DevOps Experience.
  • University degree in Computer Science or equivalent.
  • Systematic problem-solving abilities coupled with distinct communication and collaboration skills.
  • Extensive knowledge in several of the following areas:
    • AWS and Infrastructure-as-code such as terraform or CloudFormation.
    • Automated provisioning and configuration management like Ansible or cloud-init.
    • Architecture design and operation of Kubernetes container-orchestration in production.
    • Log processing and analysis using the Elastic Stack / Configuring and optimizing elasticsearch in production.
    • Time series data processing, storage and visualization (telegraf, influxDB, Grafana).
    • Operating Jenkins with automated / code-based job generation.
  • Be familiar with base technologies like git, docker, ...
  • Provide coding skills in bash and at least one of Python, Go or similar
  • Have good understanding of network infrastructure and services such as DNS, DHCP, firewall, load balancing
  • Ability to debug, optimize code and automate routine tasks.
  • Engage in and improve the whole lifecycle of services: From inception and design - to deployment, operation and refinement.
  • Be open-minded, aligned to business needs and solution-oriented and keen on working in cross-functional teams.
  • Speak fluent English.